NFT spaceships x luxury goods - Exclusive limited edition sale

Cometh is pleased to announce the launch of a new collection of 5 NFT spaceships. They are sold as bundles with luxury physical products in the colors of the Cometh brand and universe created with exclusive brands Veldt, Massaro, LMDW, and Col&MacArthur.

NFT spaceships are at the heart of the Cometh Battle game with a strong utility for their holders. They allow to earn in-game rewards according to their rarity, but also generate passive rewards by renting them to guilds or other players.

Lore of The Void Ships

The five spaceships in this exclusive collection are part of the Void Ships family. Here is their story...
In the early days of pulling ships across the vast distances of space, there were some complications. While the Al’Ong had spread the technology to their colonies and allies, there were those who sought to gain access to this faster-than-light travel without fully understanding the science, or the consequences of doing it wrong.

The fissure in space would open, the sensors thrum with the amplification of the gravitational waves and the ship would blink out of phase, but then noticeably fail to materialize on the receiving end. Many civilizations lost a ship or two this way, full of their more risk-taking adventurers, leaving no trace; not even a residual signature. It was as if these vessels had never existed.
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