Bundled with Custom-made shoes by bootmaker Massaro

To accompany the explorers, Cometh went aboard the Strider ship to find the most extraordinary footwear that will make you the classiest of all pilots. Small, agile and curious, the Strider has taken the Cometh team to the most remote and distant places, where footwear know-how is a true heritage. It is thus with the house of Massaro that Cometh has chosen to associate itself to offer you, on demand, these superb shoes from space. Their creation requires patience, experience and mastery, which Massaro has acquired over the years.
With these shoes, you'll be able to explore space, make your mark on many paths, and tread the ground on planets that have not yet been explored. Be sharp, be the first, be legends of the universe.

Customer journey.
After your order you will have to meet a Massaro shoemaker ideally in Paris at 19 M. Alternatively meetings can be organized in London and New York. For the women's shoes you will be able to choose the color of the lambskin used then a shoemaker will take your measurements; footprint and foot volume. Two months later comes the fitting: from the measurements, the shoemaker has made a pair of lasts on which he has assembled a prototype reserved for fine adjustments on your foot. At the final meeting, 4 months after your order, we will deliver your made-to-measure shoes.

Strider x Massaro Shoes

Genesis Strider spaceship

Looking like it could be an ancestor of a Treasurer ship, the Strider is small, agile and inquisitive. Able to pass through asteroid fields with extraordinary ease and speed, the design seems to be built for exploration and being able to evade attack. Witnesses have reported seeing Striders seemingly travel short distances instantaneously, but the crew members have evaded questions on this. Fairly rudimentary inside, with little room for anything beyond navigation, quarters and mining equipment, these ships tend to attract an adventurous crew of chancers and risk-takers.